SSS Pina Colada Mask


Piña Colada is a powerful Enzyme Discincrustation mask that is applied during steaming by the Aesthetician to assist in the removal of blackheads.

This enzyme mask needs to have enzymes in it and anything else that will help to dissolve the debris that is stuck in the pore causing blackheads and infection.  It is usually used during a facial when steam is used to relax the pores and allow the enzymes to “melt” so to speak, the blackheads to make it easier for the Aesthetician to remove those blackheads.

We added bicarbonate of soda to it to help in this process and allow it to work well with galvanic current.  Some older galvanic current machines require that they know if the product is a plus or minus product.  With the Silhouet-Tone equipment we always start with a negative current and end with a positive to pH balance the skin.

Written by Kathy Jaeckel, Aesthestician